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Gaerne SG 10 Boots



Gaerne is a prestigious motocross manufacturer that produces high quality, race performance motocross boots for casual, amateur, and professional motocross riders. The have multiple lines of Gaerne motocross boots, adventure boots, and sport-touring boots that are going to keep your feet and lower legs protected against debris, and help mitigate injuries that may occur while you ride. This line of Gaerne motocross boots, the Limited Edition SG 10 boots, are made with the upmost care, passion, and dedication so motocross riders like myself are able to receive a top tier motocross boot. The Gaerne SG 10s, like all Gaerne boots, are made to enhance your riding experience by providing you with a protective boot that is able to handle the brutality of motocross.

The SG 10 Limited Edition boots are constructed to be extremely lightweight and durable. They are made with a lightweight buckle closure system and outer shell. These Limited Edition SG 10 motocross boots incorporate a rubber grip patch on the side to increase bike handling and your overall grip on the motorcycle. Lastly, the dual composite rubber sole and memory cell PU inner foam liner creates a comfort inner lining of the SG 10s so you can rock them all day long without having sore feet at the end of your day. Check these out for yourself and see what all the hype is about! If you have any questions please give us a call and we will be happy to assist you.


  • Closure system made of lightweight and replaceable buckles with Velcro® on the top for a precise fit
  • Rubber grip offers heat protection as well as exceptional grip on the bike
  • Dual composite rubber sole and memory cell PU inner foam liner


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