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Pro Grip Goggles 3303 Various Colors




Progrip masks are part of the most famous models on the world market.
Used by many riders of the MX World Championship, Enduro and other motor sports,  it means success and prestige.

The main features that put the 3303 mask on many podiums are:
– 1 mm thick lenses
–  Anti UV
–  Anti scratch
–  Anti fogging (the patented NO FOG lens technology has obtained the best performance on the market)
–  Multilayer mirror lens 
– Double density sponge with water-repellent and colored velvet
– Embedded tear-off pins
– Triple silicone strip on the elastic to better secure the mask on the helmet
–  Pre-cut sponge and molded channels to give the possibility of wearing your own glasses inside the mask .

It adapts to any helmet.

Approval: CE-EN AC-96025 REV. 3

Made in Italy


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